You are a lucky owner of a Bandai Electronics GD handheld and the manual without a Box?

You don't like to buy these chinese fake and replica-Boxes, because you're only collecting original parts?


With this exclusive Acrylic Case you can protect your valuable "Baby" from dust and scratches.

The additional, included PET-insert holds it save. Your handheld is "levitating" in the Case.

No unwanted fingerprints anymore, if you are showing your handheld to friends - the Case is made from clear Acrylic.

This Case keeps your Bandai Game Digital save.

Also if you don't have the original box this Case could increase the value, if your intention is to sell the handheld e.g. in an ebay-auction.


Case-Bandai-Edition Picture 1 Case-Bandai-Edition Picture 2 Case-Bandai-Edition Picture 3 Case-Bandai-Edition Picture 4

Case-Bandai-Edition Sample 1 Case-Bandai-Edition Sample 2 Case-Bandai-Edition Sample 3 Case-Bandai-Edition Sample 4


The Case (Case-Bandai-Edition) fits to this handhelds:

Bandai Electronics GD Catch A Coke, GD Monkey Coconut, GD Sumou, GD Fang die Nuß and GD Le Singe et le Jongleur including a manual and batteries.

Case dimension: 110mm x 80mm x 30 mm



1x Case = 6.49 $

2x Case = 11.49 $

3x Case = 17.49 $

4x Case = 21.49 $


Shipping fees:

    U.S. = 7.99 $

Europe = 7.99 $

If you want shipping to other regions please ask me for costs before ordering!


How to Order:

Please use the Contact Form to place your order (incl. amount and your shipping-adress).

Within 24 hours you will receive a PayPal-invoice.

After payment, all orders will be processed and shipped from Germany immediately.



With placing of your order you accept: no returns, no refund and no warranty!

You are buying the case only, no handheld-game, no batteries and no manual included!

Thank you!

Read this article in german.


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