Welcome to a very special collection of rarely retro handheld games. This is a tribute to the loving design of the first lcd handheld games when they saw the light of day with beginning of the 1980's. Especially dedicated to the early Game Digital Series by Bandai Electronics on this website you can browse through pics & details of my collection.

Released between 1980 an 1982 Bandai Electronics handhelds GD Sumou, GD Monkey Coconut (France: GD Le Singe et le Jongleur, Germany, Austria and Switzerland: GD Fang die Nuß), GD Catch A Coke and the Monkey Business wristwatch (France: Le Singe et le Jongleur montre) became very successful. Hopefully you like my gallery-site. Also try the Game&Watch Forum talking about and asking for 80's retro handheld games by Nintendo, Bandai, Tiger, Lansay, Casio, Gakken, Epoch and others. 

From time to time i will update my collection to provide you with new fresh high quality photos in full hd resolution. If you like my site, i would be happy if you left guestbook or facebook comments and if you have further informations belonging the handhelds please email me too, every hint is welcome!




Updates & News



17th february 2013 content-update: manual Fang die Nuß (german) added

19th november 2012 content-update: used Le Singe et le Jongleur No.001, Le Singe et le Jongleur No.107157 added

18th november 2012 content-update: used Le Singe et le Jongleur No.109030-2 (with multiple-use of same serial number) added

17th november 2012 content-update: used Monkey Coconut No.105250 added

3th november 2012 website-update: minor updates and errors solved, website optimization for screen-resolution 1920x1200 pixel and firefox version 16

4th september 2012 website-update: minor changes and errors solved

29th july 2012 content-update: used Monkey Coconut No.003 and Monkey Coconut No.106220 added, used Catch A Coke No.004 added

28th july 2012 website-update: minor changes and errors solved

28th june 2012 content-update: manual Catch A Coke (vending machine module) (english) and Bandai Catalog 1981 - Introducing the brand new world of Bandai added

01th june 2012 website-update: Game&Watch Forum re-arranged, sections for different languages (english, german, japanese) and other minor updates

28th april 2012 website-update: started adding menue-translations for my japanese friends

9th march 2012 gallery-update: factory-sealed Monkey Coconut No.104180 added

1th march 2012 content-update: manuals Le Singe et le Jongleur (french), Catch A Coke (english), Monkey Coconut (japanese), Monkey Business (wristwatch) (english) added

26th february 2012 content-update: used Sumou (japanese) added

26th february 2012 content-update: weblinks added, order-options for Nintendo Game&Watch Case (Case-Nintendo-Edition) and Bandai GD Case (Case-Bandai-Edition) added

21th february 2012 gallery-update: new Monkey Business (wristwatch) No.001 added

11th february 2012 content-update: gameplay-videos for Sumou, Catch A Coke, Monkey Coconut, Fang die Nuß, Le Singe et le Jongleur, Monkey Business (wristwatch)  added

11th february 2012 content-update: gameplay-video for Le Singe et le Jongleur (wristwatch)

29th january 2012 gallery-update: used Fang die Nuß No.001 added, used Le Singe et le Jongleur No.109080 and No.202250 added



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